Who is dating reese witherspoon

So that would make the actual mission the fifth subplot of the movie. This Means War does get a little less irritating as it progresses.

The jokes get slightly less offensive and Tom Hardy still manages to be the best part of the movie.

He takes her to a carnival and at the end of it takes her on the trapeze.

It's actually really cool and would be a really fun first date for anyone.

This Means War throws you right into one of FDR and Tuck's missions right from the start.

The main issue becomes how dizzying the camera work is.

It's more like the third or fourth subplot of the movie.

The FDR/Tuck/Lauren love triangle being the primary, FDR/Tuck's friendship falling apart being the secondary, Lauren trying to mull things over with Trish being the third, and Tuck trying to be a stand up family man the fourth.

Both FDR and Tuck begin falling for Lauren and not only begin breaking the rules that they set for one another, but use whatever means necessary to keep Lauren in their good graces.While Reese Witherspoon has to make it a point to try and jiggle around while wearing horrible clothes and singing off key and Chris Pine attempts to be the biggest womanizer he possibly can, they still manage to squeeze in Tom Hardy being a complete bad ass.The paintball scene is one of the highlights, but the most original aspect of the movie comes in one of the first (of many) dates Tuck has with Lauren.This Means War is a frustrating and awful excuse for entertainment.Its humor is lame and offensive in the way that it insults all of mankind by how stupid and immature it is, its plot is horrible and insulting, and Reese Witherspoon will test every last ounce of patience you possibly have.

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