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I share custody of her 50/50 and I absolutely love the days I have her because it means I can do so much fun stuff, and I get to have such a great time! Now, as before, nothing to be ashamed of in being a single mum. However, if you’re at the point in dating where your date might be coming back with you, do yourself a favour and shove the assortment of garish plastic toys in another room.

Nothing ruins the moment more than seductively reclining back on the sofa and setting off Peppa Pig’s voice activation. This is a bit of a serious one in comparison to the last, but perhaps the most important. They see, hear and understand a lot and it can be quite unsettling to see Mummy tottering off on multiple dates or to meet a parade of men.

When I was 15, my dad spent some time as a single man and went out on dates.

I appreciated his honesty and think I would apply this to my own life if the situation ever arose.

During moments of miscommunication, couples will last longer if they know how to convey feelings in a compassionate, clear way.

‘I have a four year old’ was a really awkward response to his brutal statement.

Instead of saying ‘You make me mad when you come home late,’ express your emotions using “I” language.

‘I feel afraid when you come home late because I get worried that something has happened to you,’” said Caron Hope, Assistant Director for Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention recourses on campus.

I would ‘reveal’ my motherhood title in a very positive way.

Usually your date will ask a bit about you and I would say, ‘And after university and a few terrible admin jobs, my ex and I had a beautiful baby girl who is now 4. Don’t ever apologise for being a single mum, own it you badass ladywoman you!

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