Dustin zito heather marter still dating

though he exhibits an attraction to his roommate Nany, beginning in Episode 1, which comes to fruition in Episode 4.

MTV described him as "focused and determined when he wants to be", but his friends characterize him as a "loose cannon" who juggles his current girlfriend with his "secret girlfriend".

Heather grew up in a small town with a close-knit family and spent most of her adolescence living with her brother's struggle with brain cancer.

The neglect she felt by the constant attention paid to him led to alcoholism, and a bout of alcohol poisoning that landed her in the hospital at age 14.

Nany is a Dominican and Cuban woman who attended Jamestown Community College, where she majored in criminal justice.

She grew up an athlete as well as Semi-Pro Cheerleader.

Nany's father was jailed on drug charges before she was born, and having found letters several years old in her mother's closet addressed to her, she is determined to find him, with the support of her mother.

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We look forward to hosting the new cast." The penthouse suite for the cast has a large set living room, four bedrooms, and built-in bowling alley.

Though these problems have been resolved, she continues to harbor guilt over it.

According to MTV, she makes up for her petite, 5 foot, 3 inch stature with a "big personality" that has been described as "ambitious..also loud and confrontational", characterized by a "gift of gab".

She also questions the sincerity with which Adam expresses feelings for her, given the women he and Leroy brings back to the suite, but Adam believes Nany and Jordy's relationship will not last her stay in Vegas, and plans to exploit any breakup that occurs.

Michael struggles with his conservative views on dating and sex, bringing two women back to the suite, only to spend time with them reading prayers.

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